Programs and Services

Programs and Services


The police department maintains an animal control department that deals mostly with dog related issues.  Mark and Kelly McGregor currently serve as animal control officers.  They maintain the city's dog pound,  assist with the apprehension of dogs running at large, and may assist with animal neglect matters.  The confined dogs generally are claimed by their owners, but may need to be adopted by willing people if new owners can be found.  Dog complaints and questions need to be directed to the police department at 515-295-3515.  The City of Algona does not have the facilities to house any other type of animals.


For nearly thirty years the Algona Police Department has maintained two canines.  This program was originally funded by Snap On Tools as a result of a series of bomb threats.  Officer Ben Gatton and his partner Puma work as a full service canine.  They are also trained and certified in narcotics detection.  Officer Grant Smith and his partner Jet work exclusively in explosives detection.  In addition to their street duties, both canines and their handlers are available to speak to groups and civic organizations.  These requests need to be directed to the police department.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a long standing program in Kossuth County.  Officer Doug Rahe teaches all fifth grade students throughout the schools in the county.  It is a ten week program where Rahe visits each class once per week.  Some of the many topics the classes talk about include alcohol, drugs, bullying, good and bad choices, communication, and peer pressure. This program is an outstanding way for the department and the students to interact.


Another long standing program for the Algona Police Department has police officers periodically performing physical checks of homes when the owners are on vacation or gone for the winter.  It's a simple process where the owner of renter comes to the police department and completes a standard form prior to their departure. Or you can download the form from here, print it out, and either drop it off or mail it to the police department.  It alerts the department the occupants are gone, what lights will be on, and who to contact if a problem is detected.  Occasionally an officer will walk around the structure to check the doors and windows.

E.  A.L.I.C.E.

The term ALICE stands for Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate.  Assistant Chief Bo Miller, Deputy Josh Missman, and Emergency Management Director David Penton instruct this program in the Kossuth County area.  Upon request they teach a three to four hour class to schools and workplaces on what people need to do in the event of a shooting or other acts of extreme violence.  Employers can contact our department if they are possibly interested in hosting this program.  Additional information regarding this program can be found here.


This is a popular new program that started in the Algona schools in 2015.  Many of the Algona Police Officers visit Bertha Godfrey, Lucia Wallace, Bryant, and Seton schools on a weekly basis.  Officers will walk around the schools and visit with the students and staff. This program exists so children gain a comfort level with police officers and even get to know their names.


The Algona Police Department encourages any groups or organizations that would like an officer to come in and speak about the department, any of it's programs, or any other topic of interest are asked to contact the Chief of Police at 515-295-3515.  The department will make every attempt to accommodate all requests and always enjoys the opportunity to interact with the community.


The Algona Police Department is asking residents and Businesses across the city to register their privately owned surveillance camera systems. If you would like to tell us that you have video surveillance and allow Officers to contact you should a crime occur in or near where your cameras are installed please fill out the registration form in the link below.
Completed applications can be emailed to, taken to or mailed to the Algona Police Department at 121 West State. Community Camera Program