Powers and Duties of Mayor

The powers and duties of the Mayor shall be as follows:

  • Chief Elected Official. The mayor shall function as the chief elected official of the city and shall be responsible for representing the city as the council may direct and shall have responsibility for the general public relations of the city;

  • Presiding Officer. The mayor shall act as the presiding officer at all regular and special council meetings. The mayor pro tem shall serve in this capacity in the mayor’s absence;

  • Special Meetings. The mayor shall call special meetings of the council when he deems such meeting necessary to the interests of the city;

  • Mayor’s Veto. The mayor may sign, veto, or take no action on an ordinance, amendment or resolution passed by the council. However, the mayor may not veto a measure if he was entitled to vote on the measure at the time of passage. If the mayor exercises his veto power, he must explain the reason for such veto to the council at the time of the veto. The council may override the mayor’s veto by two-thirds majority of the council members;

  • Contracts. The mayor shall, whenever authorized by the council, sign all contracts on behalf of the city;

  • Professional Services. The mayor shall, upon order of the council, secure for the city such specialized and professional services not already available to the city. In executing the order of the council, he shall conduct himself in accordance with this code and the laws of the state;

  • Licenses and Permits. The mayor shall sign all licenses and permits which have been granted by the council, except those designated by law or ordinance to be issued by another municipal officer.

The Mayor shall appoint the following officials;
  • Mayor pro tem;
  • Board of library trustees;
  • Police chief;
  • Board of electric examiners;
  • Fire chief;
  • Municipal utilities;
  • Playground and recreation commission.

The salary of the Mayor shall be established at $7000 annually.

While the city is operating with an even number of council members, the mayor may vote to break a tie vote on motions.