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Dear Algona Area Citizens;

The Algona Police Department is an agency comprised of eighteen full and part-time employees dedicated to the simple principle of making Algona a better place to live and work.  This department not only provides 24 hour patrol coverage and dispatch services but also offers many other services. Those programs that we are honored to offer the public include DARE, canine, house checks, ALICE, police reserves, and the providing of guest speakers.  We thank you for visiting our website but also encourage everyone to Like our Facebook page.

As we move forward into the future, the Algona Police Department understands that our changing world requires us to partner with the community to achieve the ultimate goal of a safe and prosperous community.


Kendall Pals
Chief of Police


Emergency services in the Algona area were recently honored to be the recipients of a brand new endowment fund.  Algona businessman and former law enforcement officer Donald Tietz founded the Kossuth County Public Safety Endowment Fund and provided the seed money of $100,000.  The fund became affiliated with the Kossuth County Community Foundation.  Five area emergency services agencies will become benefactors of the interest gained on the principle for generations to come.  Those entities include the Algona Police Department, Kossuth County Sheriff’s Department, Algona Fire Department, Algona Emergency Medical Services, and the Kossuth County EMS Association.  The additional funding will allow for a greater level of services.  The endowment’s principal is never spent, only the interest earned.  The five agencies would like to appeal to the public to help us grow the principal balance so the public can be better served.  Citizens can experience the personal satisfaction of assisting these critical public services while receiving a tax advantage.  Please consider contributing to the Kossuth County Public Safety Endowment Fund today or even though you’re your own estate planning process.  Financial contributions can be mailed to the Kossuth County Public Safety Endowment at 3117 Greenhill Circle in Cedar Falls, Iowa 50313.