Proudly serving for over 130 years!

Fire Station
Established 1886 - Current Fire Station built in 1985

I.S.O Fire Rating = 5 City, 9 Rural

We serve 8 townships, 168 sections
Cresco, Union, Irvington, Plum Creek, Riverdale, Whittemore, Lotts Creek, Sherman

Training & Classification

  • 26 members - Fire Fighter I certification
  • 4 members - Fire Fighter II certification
  • 2 members - Instructors
  • 1 members with 80 hours Fire Fighter I training
Other classes that firemen are trained in are CPR, First aid, Hazard Materials Operation, Incident Command, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Vehicle Rescue, Farm Machinery Rescue, Grain Bin Rescue Training Disaster Casualty Responds, Jaws of Life Rescue , Fire Officers Workshop, Pyrotechnician Class, Kossuth Emergency Planning Team (KEPT), Single Company Response Tactics, Health and Safety Officer Course, Ice and Water Rescue, Arson Crime Investigation, Blood Borne Pathogens, Essentials of Fire Fighting, Flammable Liquids Class, Pump Operations and many more.
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